About us

The firm Fratelli Peroni was born in 1956, founded by Piero Peroni and his brother Roberto. The Peroni family has always been in the leather business, starting from Piero's father a century ago and carrying on the production of handmade leather accessories for three generations.
Piero and Maurizio Peroni's craftsmanship is strictly related to the city of Florence, as many products draw inspiration, in shapes and details, from works of art which can be found in this town, always bearing in mind the important connection between beauty and functionality.
The products are refined handmade creations (“cuoio artistico fiorentino”), ranking from small leather articles (like coin cases or cigar cases), in many handmade colours (also with a briar effect), to jewel cases, desk sets, frames, furnishing and clothing accessories, etc. More than 1000 pieces express art, expert skills and inventiveness as well as outstanding materials, the legacy of a craft tradition that originated in Tuscany in the 16th century.
Nowadays, Fratelli Peroni is one of the few firms still working in the traditional way, where the owners too take part in the production daily, teaching the secrets of this old art to their staff of artisans.