In 2007 our company appeared in the Eurispes Report as one of the 100 Italian firms of excellence.

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Company profile appeared in the Eurispes Report 
In 1956 Piero Peroni, after finishing his apprenticeship at a craftsman's and attending lessons of design and business management, opened his own workshop together with his brother Roberto. They specialized in calf leather articles, hand made and decorated following the great Florentine tradition ("cuoietto artistico fiorentino"). The Peroni brothers started with the decoration of souvenirs until the souvenir market went through a crisis during the Sixties. It was at this point that they decided to start producing leather gift items, carrying on and improving their professionality. 
The tradition of Peroni's workshop has passed through generations over the years, and while Roberto retired, Piero's sons, Maurizio and Marco, joined the family business. 

The workshop and showroom are located in the heart of Florence, where 8 people, including the owners, work full-time to satisfy the requests of their national and international market (80% of the products are exported to Japan, Russia, USA and the European Union). 
Experience and great inventiveness are the ingredients of Peroni's success. The wide range of products (at present over 800 articles) includes desk sets, boxes, furniture and clothing accessories, jewel cases, frames, and many more. All production is strictly made by hand, paying meticulous attention to detail and choice of materials. 

Peroni "tacco" coin case is a typical object where the technique of "cuoietto artistico fiorentino" is evident. In over 30 years, re-elaborating the traditional design, Fratelli Peroni have been able to create many different styles, in a large variety of hand-painted colours and decorations.
The leather used is vegetable-tanned; this means that no chemical substances are used in its tanning, but only natural, environment-friendly ones. It takes 33 steps to produce one single coin case: initially the leather is cut by hand or with hollow punches, then after thinning and equalizing, it is dipped in warm water to make it elastic and malleable. Finally, the leather is put on moulds and left to dry for 8 hours, to reach the typical rigidity of "cuoietto fiorentino" which allows to assemble resistant objects without the need of stitches.
Thanks to the coin case, nowadays the brand Peroni is especially famous in Japan as a brand of high-quality leather accessories.

The briefcase "Cartella del nonno", with different decorations for man and woman, is the result of a particular interpretation of the technique "cuoietto artistico fiorentino" (for which Piero Peroni is patentee since 1970) and a creative intuition.
This article is made with vegetable leather too, its design is up-to-date thanks to trendy colours and decorations, and the absence of stitches gives it an essential and original character. The fusion between technique and design is the real strength of this briefcase, which perfectly represents the spirit of constant research without forgetting tradition.
The creation of "Cartella del nonno" was due to the coincidence of Fratelli Peroni's 50th anniversary and the 120th anniversary of Isetan, the famous Japanese department store. On this occasion, Isetan decided to promote, among others, a refined and high-quality article with Peroni brand.

During the Eighties, Fratelli Peroni reached the foreign markets, and a permanent showroom in New York was opened (now closed, after the Twin Towers attack).
In 1975 the company became part of "Consorzio Pellettieri Fiorentini", an association of Florence-based leather artisans, and in 1988 Piero Peroni became President of "Tuscan Leather Project", an institution born to promote Tuscan leather accessories in the world. At present, the company is member of "Consorzio Centopercento Italiano", which aims to arrive to an ethical certification as a further guarantee for the articles produced.
Fratelli Peroni co-operates with important brands, such as Ferré, Fendi and Gucci, and is an exhibitor at the fashion event "Pitti Immagine Uomo" twice a year, besides taking part in several collective exhibitions in Italy, Europe, USA and Russia.
Fratelli Peroni aims at expanding on the national but most of all on the international market, taking part in international exhibitions and events, and opening up to new developing markets, such as United Arab Emirates, Russia and China. Starting from the two strength points of the company (brand and high quality), Fratelli Peroni is now oriented towards a continual innovation both of products and productive system.

In 2007 our company appeared in the Eurispes Report as one of the 100 Italian firms of excellence.